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<aside> πŸ’‘ Things that put a smile on my face Playing badminton, cooking, reading books, knitting, drinking boba tea (with no single plastic use), and eating tasty Indonesian food! :)


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<aside> 🍳 Cooking β€” I love to cook (mostly Asian foods)! If you want to collaborate with me to cook together virtually, feel free to contact me.


<aside> πŸ–ŒοΈ Career or design stuff β€” I learned a lot these few years how to improve my career and sometimes I share my career experience with others through talks or mentoring sessions.


<aside> 🌍 Environmental stuff β€” I plan to create a community that focuses on the environment and sustainability.


Quotes ****

Time is our most precious commodity. If you’re not using it wisely, you’re wasting it ignorantly.

β€” Who Says You can't You Do book.

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