My ultimate goal is to spend my 80,000 working hours with a lasting effect on our world. I believe technology is built to solve problems, so let's start with engineering today, for a better planet.

I started trying to make a difference early on by leading a highly motivated team of students building an autonomous electric racing car from scratch. Actually, the most fun part was explaining and demonstrating the technology to our audience and seeing the fascination in their eyes. I hope to contribute to a more enlightened world, where there are fewer prejudices against new perspectives and emerging technology and where knowledge is not reserved for the privileged.

During my dual studies of mechatronics together with AUDI, I have gained a lot of very valuable experience in different departments in the automotive sector. I spent half a year in the tech-city of Barcelona together with SEAT and their amazing Metropolis:Lab (now SEAT:CODE), and started to appreciate the agile development approach. There, we developed the MVP for a bus-on-demand mobility solution that enables optimized travel at low CO2 costs.

Together with AUDI, I wrote my bachelor thesis on modeling driver reaction in rear-end collision scenarios by analyzing naturalistic driving data. I hope that my results will have an impact on minimizing the worldwide number of fatal car accidents.

One of the most promising technologies of this decade is undoubtedly machine learning, or as I like to call it: learning from data. I remembered my fascination at the time when I saw Deepmind's AlphaGo win against Lee Sedol or how AlphaStar tackled StarCraft 2 (and wondered why I was so bad at this game). So I started to teach myself the basics of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As you might know, learning is a never ending story, so today, you find me working as an AI engineer at europe's largest non-profit organization for applied Artificial Intelligence at appliedAI. Besides that, I am doing my master's in Robotics, Cognition, Intelligence at the TU Munich.

I would love to hear from you if you have a great possibility to make the world a better place. Note that I am interested in the real problems out there. Developing social media tools to keep our society addicted to scrolling is none of them, neither it is to just earn money.