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🤝 About us

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs and engineers building a better way to search for deals. We’re building Kumo to solve gaps we’ve personally experienced in the current deal flow process.

About us: in 2021, we sold a bootstrapped SaaS to a VC-backed rollup for high 7-figures, and started a Micro PE firm with the proceeds. We then successfully acquired another SaaS in late 2021 and have been growing it at a steady clip.

Through this process, we’ve experienced seller’s pain points firsthand: multiple brokerages placed well funded yet unqualified buyers who lacked the technical talent to manage the tech stack. We then went through multiple LOIs, and found that buyers often moved too slowly or had trouble procuring financing.

We’ve also felt the buyer’s pain points during our search: with an incredibly fractured market, it was time-consuming and annoying to manage leads across every marketplace and brokerage site. Our team did use deal aggregators, but found the sources incomplete or slow to update, leaving us wondering if we were missing opportunities or showing up late to the deal.

🛠️ What we’re building

First, we’re starting off by tackling a better deal aggregator, with:

Secondly, something more:

👥 Our team

Amos Kim, CEO

Jonathan Oh, Operations

Jeannie Huang, Growth