GoodNotes is a digital note-taking app built for the iPad and Apple Pencil. The app is also available on the iPhone and Mac (at no additional cost).

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Before GoodNotes, Steven Chan was a maths student in Australia, whose desk was always covered in looseleaf pages of his math derivations.

When the iPad came out in 2010, Steven saw the perfect opportunity to solve the frustration of constantly losing notes. What if he could use the iPad for a digital notebook, where he could easily make edits to his work and digitize all his notes? After searching for the perfect app to take handwritten notes on the iPad and coming up short, he set out to make his own.

In 2011, GoodNotes was released. Shortly after, it was featured on the Japanese App Store. With minimal marketing, word-of-mouth drove steady growth, and since the launch of the Apple Pencil in 2015, growth has been exponential.

Flash forward to today – we have millions of monthly active users, 2 offices with 30+ team members, and are continuing to grow at the speed of light.

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