In the 2030 Environmental Sustainability Roadmap, Burning Man Project set three explicit goals

  1. Handle waste ecologically
  2. Be regenerative
  3. Be carbon negative

The annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate, experiment, and iterate on sustainable practices and technologies, with the potential for far-reaching impact throughout our regional networks, events, and other community partnerships in the “default world.”

Feeling called to actualize this potential, a group of Burners from Hotel California, IDEATE, PlayAlchemist, and Burners Without Borders came together to seed a community with other ecologically-minded peers through quarterly Green Theme Camp Summits.

What are we asking?

How might theme camps come together to share best practices, form collective values, and design the future role of theme camps to make Black Rock City a sustainable (and regenerative) home?

What are we doing?

Since the Green Theme Camp Summit in October 2020, our community has been actively organizing, testing ideas, and preparing solutions to get us closer to our goals. Areas of development include:

Where do you come in?

We hope your excitement and alignment with this community lead you to discover ways to participate, contribute, and collaborate. Check out how to get involved to find what excites you most.

More background