Transforming company workflows with Cloud Cost Telemetry™.

Engineering-first. Efficiency-focused.

Who we are

As strong believers in cloud computing, we have founded Cloudthread to fix key issues the technology is facing on its way to mass adoption: cost-efficiency and environmental impact.

You may have heard recent discussions about the high cost of cloud, or on the growing concerns around cloud carbon footprint. At Cloudthread we focus on tackling these problems while keeping the technology attractive. We believe that bottoms-up, engineering-first approach is the way to unlock the most value there, so we aim to serve all the engineering teams, including Data and ML, with the missing toolset to establish better cost controls, lower carbon footprint through enabling better resource utilization, and increase overall transparency of their cloud solutions.

A team of three co-founders - Daniele, Ilia and Thomas - passionate about cloud and FinOps, we have made huge progress as part of Y Combinator's S21 cohort. Our first MVP - technical cloud unit cost monitoring solution - achieved **Product of the Day on Product Hunt** and is being actively piloted at several companies. We are proudly backed by some of the world's **top investors** and believe in strong culture with customer-value driven product growth, where we focus on building something awesome that all engineering teams need while having lot's of fun doing so.

Our wedge

Cloudthread is an analytics platform that helps engineering teams build cost efficiently in the cloud. We were behind Lyft's internal cloud cost management system and now we use that deep ****expertise to help organizations save hours of engineering time, reduce cloud bills, and prevent costly re-architectures.

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Unique insight

There is an assumption that engineering teams don’t and shouldn’t care about costs. However, with cloud adoption and spending growing rapidly, cloud costs are becoming a top concern for many organizations and the engineering teams that incur these costs cannot be ignored.

Cloudthread’s unique insight, which is based on experience establishing cloud cost management practice at Lyft, is that if you give engineers the right analytics through the right channels, you can get them to build in the cloud with cost efficiency without development disruption. In the cloud age cost is just another variable resource - similar to CPU or memory - and it should be a natural part of the modern engineering process.

High performing engineering teams like Netflix, Airbnb, and Lyft have created an efficiency focused culture of engineering accountability, Cloudthread exists to make this easy for all engineering teams.


Our team has been pioneering the cloud cost management domain since 2014. We established the FinOps practice at EA and Freeletics, and led the cloud cost management effort at Lyft ahead of the company's IPO. The latter resulted in a 40% decrease in AWS costs, and established a variety of product and engineering best practices in the domain. We are also founding members and sponsors of the FinOps Foundation - the global community of 3,000 cloud financial management practitioners.