Building a better future for music

We believe music is valuable, and how you discover it matters. We believe creating new value models, listening spaces, and discovery tools can enable a more equitable music system, so artists can focus on what they care about most: making music.

What is Catalog?


Catalog is a digital record shop and music community for fans to listen to, discover, and directly support music they love. Artists instantly receive 100% of record sales, plus a self-selected share of every resale, without relinquishing their copyrights. Fans win too — by collecting work on Catalog, fans create a permanent bond with an artist and can share together in their success.

Catalog Records

Catalog records represent the canonical version of an artist’s work online. They are unique, one-of-one records that exist on the internet forever, free from any one platform, and provide artists and fans with a programmable canvas for a new world of music ownership.

And Beyond

Catalog is all of the above, and moving towards a collectively owned, permanent, interoperable music library with built-in support systems for artists who don’t have the world watching (yet). As a core team, we’ll continue to experiment with new formats that drive more value to music makers and fans, and our composable architecture makes it easy for other developers to plug into Catalog and build below, above, or beside us.