My name is Paweł. I try to distill the most impactful knowledge over a long time. I also design products, wrote AI Revolution 101 and have a background in art. I am scheming how to improve epistemics and collective coordination using technology. I don’t normal write. But I care about being simple and precise.


Weird writing and non-linguistic brain

By origin, my mind is not very linguistic. For example, when I think, I rarely experience myself talking in my head. It’s more like sparkling-jumps between different thoughts. A long time ago I have been diagnosed as being on the verge of dyslexia. I believe dyslexia is not a hindrance but a different brain wiring. Dyslexic brains are organized in a way that maximizes strength in making big-picture connections at the expense of weaknesses in processing speed and parsing fine details.

I see the strengths of my mind in the same way. I think I have high skills at gist detection, evaluating uncertain knowledge with analogies from different disciplines, having “aha” moments on how to more efficiently reinterpret things.

All that is to say, linguistically things may feel off. There may be lots of grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language and sometimes I break it intentionally. That is when grammar rules are blocking my precision, a proper weighing of arguments, or when grammar makes expressing ideas longer or less direct. Please bare with me through this non-standard narration.

Short, but rendering through a human

I deeply care to distill knowledge into a form that is as short as possible. I want to max out on the words per meaning ratio. But at the same time, you are human and you render things through human experiences. So I will be also injecting my weird, personal, subjective experiences and relations to things.

Centipede approach

I want to be like a centipede with one long leg. Which is to say I see a large potential in going broad but developing expertise in one area.

Why generalist?

So what is your one long leg?

And what are your other ninety-nine legs?

Unique areas

Unique areas

Values living

Doing good