A relentless passion for "picking the fonts" since 2004. I started in traditional graphic design, working in brand and print before shifting focus to the web. That led me into UX/UI/Product, where I was lead designer on some lil' products for big brands. I've also spent time at startups, working from idea to pitch to launch. It's been fun!

Beyond design, I'm interested in technology, business and culture. So, I also do "innovation" advising: exploring emerging trends and using those insights to generate ideas and design concepts.

I'm focused on human rights advocacy and designing society-centered futures—through side projects, but also at the core of my main work. I prefer working exclusively with chill people on chill projects.

Beyond work, you'll find me reading, watching F1, gaming, cooking and/or listening to jazz with my wonderful wife Stevie and our 2 cats, Scout and Pepep. Love to meet new people and collab on new things! HMU anytime!


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✉️ jordan@young.lol