London, August 2020.

London, August 2020.

Born and raised in Rome, I have lived in Milan, Sydney, and Madrid, where I've created some of my best memories and connected with very different groups of people.

In 2015, I landed in London and started working in startups, where I've learned how to build, package, and market online products.

I’ve helped marketing teams bring various products to market across, from early-stage to global companies. I’ve also co-founded a performance marketing agency as a passion project.


I've never had a specific childhood dream, but my early passions shaped my vision of the world.


Since the early 2000s, I fell for Hip-Hop wordsmiths from Brooklyn, Queens, Compton, and...Italy.

The power of words, the energy, the will to stand out — they're all a great part of me. At the point that I've learned most of my English rehearsing Hip-Hop lyrics over and over again.

[Colle der Fomento is a Hip-Hop trio from Rome formed in 1994.](

Colle der Fomento is a Hip-Hop trio from Rome formed in 1994.

Beast in Brighton, 2020.

Beast in Brighton, 2020.


In the mid-2000s, I've grown up watching the trains of Rome's line B metro full of colorful lettering, wondering what could feel like painting one.

Graffiti teaches you things like mastering your craft, the art of leaving a mark, and being part of a worldwide community of challengers — these things still get me excited and inspire me to this day.