What is Hyperbeam Watch Party?

Hyperbeam Watch Party is a SaaS platform that helps people nurture their relationships with friends and family while physically apart by allowing them to surf the web and watch TV shows and movies together online.

How it began

The idea originated when Philip (CEO) went on a co-op placement to California and wanted to stay in touch with his friends from back home. During this time, he discovered an app called Rabb.it that allowed users to share a virtual browser in order to surf the web together. Rabb.it quickly became an important part of keeping in touch with his group of friends, but near the end of his internship the site shut down due to poor management and an inability to monetize the platform.

During his next school term, Philip proposed to work on a new version of the platform for his FYDP. This version would capitalize on Rabb.it’s strengths, and fix the issues that plagued the recently-deceased platform. They would prioritize listening to user feedback, put product development ahead of marketing, and design a sustainable business model that would prevent them from repeating the same mistakes Rabb.it made. Amby and Declan joined Philip to build the platform, and as of today, Hyperbeam has over 1.4 million user sign ups, has a 4.7/5 rating on TrustPilot, and is already profitable despite raising zero external investment.