If communicating with those who know us is difficult enough, imagine what it would be like to engage with people with different backgrounds and motivations.

When I design, I learn. I research disciplines, speak with specialists, ask questions, and pose challenges. I create the space so that each one of us can be heard and feel they are contributing from their place.

It won't be easy. It will be a mess of emotions and discoveries. I am here to make sense of that mess and create artifacts that will bring us a little closer to creating a dialogue.

The artifacts I design are a means to an end. What brings me joy is the human stories that occur in those interactions. The best things in life happen by pure serendipity.


I'm Leandro. A designer from Buenos Aires living in Denver, Colorado. I say designer in the broadest sense because I have had many roles during my career. I have a humanistic, intense, practical, and multi-disciplinary way of doing things. I'm part of projects that make me feel creative and challenged.

I encourage collaboration between people with different skill sets and experiences. I include everyone in the design process, especially those we excluded in the past. I do this with authority, good communication, and conviction.

I am a musician in my free time, passionate about eating and making Italian food. I approach people and things with kindness, love of learning, humor, curiosity, and gratitude. That's why even when I'm not “designing,” I'm still creating contexts of convergence, like putting meals together or recording songs with other people.

I make artifacts for communication

I have a dialogue—or a dialectic, if you prefer—in which users and a problem solver (myself) develop products together.

My goal is to allow people to manage information overload to take action and feel ownership. Make sure they have all the insights they need. And from there, create stories so that you can connect with your project through your emotions and start caring about it.

My work involves creating thousands of “accidents” and being ready for any one of them to be a breakthrough opportunity. I have curiosity across disciplines and the patterns they follow.


I can recognize and leverage the value of unexpected encounters and information. While a particular chance encounter is an event, the rest is a process. Surprise and chance are essential—but only as a first step. The crucial second step comes from understanding and leveraging the unexpected observation. We need to see links or bridges where others see gaps.

I do research on needs, goals, and problem-solving in the areas of psychology, neuroscience, library sciences, innovation, and strategic management.

I help people understand one another.

Design is communication. I worked with so many tools all these years. The only one that can deal with human complexities is your brain. And that is a challenge in itself that requires constant self-actualization.