Hi, I'm Wendy. I'm a designer recently graduated from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program. I'm interested in designing interactive experiences that engage people in thinking about changes in our climate, natural and urban environments. I'd love to collaborate if we share similar interests - drop me a message!

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Before ITP

I worked as a UI/UX Designer at Umbo Computer Vision. My official title was the Storyteller - I tell the story of products in user interface, in print, and in exhibits.

Previous to practicing design, I studied ecology. This inspired my picture book on urban wildlife - Little Black Dots. The publication led to many weekends in the National Taiwan Museum teaching kids to draw everything from ants to elephants to dinosaurs. In Spring 2020, I started teaching exhibition design at The Lanyang Museum. My students opened an exhibition about the local flora and shifting landscape at the end of the year.

I lived in London from 2015-2017 studying Science Communication. London is where I saw that science can be made into comedy shows and draw a delightful crowd to museums after dark. Engaging experiences - of science, tech, and arguably everything else - are created through careful research, craft, and invite audience participation and dialogue.

This is the approach I bring into design, where understanding and collaborating with people make the best results. On top of that, I strive to inspire and delight - for that is the unique power and joy of being a designer.


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