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My name is Gourav SoodCertified Technical Architect (CTA) working @ Ingenuity Partners. In addition to my passion for Salesforce, I enjoy working with latest Web & Mobile technologies using latest client side frameworks (ReactJS, AngularJS, React Native). Prior to joining Salesforce, I was a Mulesoft Integration Architect, connecting the world using Mule runtimes & CloudHub. 😄

I have been working in the IT Industry since 2006 and have services & consulting experience, working with Enterprise Organisations in Government, Telecom, Finance.

📢 📢 🎖️ Sharing a proud moment, that in May 2020, I achieved the biggest milestone of my career and that is Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) and become CTA #312  🎷 🎷

Gourav Sood on LinkedIn: #CTAPass #CTAPass #JourneyToCTA | 308 comments


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