We are on a mission to usher in a new era for the web, where data is secure, interactions are trustworthy, and relationships are the basis of connection rather than platform's network effects. We want to enable online experiences that are delightful and integrated while also bolstering privacy and freeing innovation. We are building Web 3.0.




We are lean and fast, incredibly curious and laser-focused, community-oriented and individually motivated. We have founded tech startups, written books, won product awards, authored patents, created Ethereum standards, and advised F100 CEOs.

We believe great impact comes from happy, interested, diverse teams. We've lived in dozens of different countries (and on a sailboat), dropped out of college, captained varsity athletic teams, cycled thousands of miles per year, and built houses. One of us is in an indie band, one practices ju-jitsu, another has meditated daily for 8 years.

We play "dog people" vs. "cat people" in codenames.


🌎 Remote-first, Retreat-often

We live mostly in Europe and the US East Coast. Work from anywhere with good WiFi and ability to join our 4:30 CET daily standup. We gather often in amazing places for team retreats and co-working.

💙 At the heart of Web3

Our team and open-source products are at the center of this global movement. We collaborate closely with the top teams in the space and contribute regularly to other open-source projects.

If you're new to decentralized tech, check out our Down the Rabbithole canon.

🤝🏽 Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Building a diverse team is a top priority because nothing will impact our success more deeply. Our ambitions for change are global and our team must represent perspectives from across the world we aim to improve.

  1. The challenges we face are incredibly complex. We must tackle these with ideas and ingenuities from a wide variety of backgrounds and contexts.
  2. Our technology impacts how information and identities are controlled online, with deeply personal and widespread effects. We each have blind spots and need many viewpoints to anticipate the consequences of our work.
  3. We want to face the many unforeseen changes and challenges we have ahead with a balanced and robust team, drawing on a diversity of strengths to adapt and improve through adversity.

We have work to do here, as a team and industry. It's our responsibility to model that only a diverse team working together can we succeed in building a more sustainable, fair and equitable web.


📿 Core beliefs

  1. A far better web is now just within our reach. The problems of today's web have created massive demand for more fair, open alternatives. The core technologies needed to displace the current model now exist; they aren't accessible yet.
  2. We can be a glue that brings the necessary technologies together into a single movement. Our identity and data protocols unify complementary new technologies. In parallel, our community can help connect ecosystems that share similar visions for a better web.
  3. We build building blocks for builders. By creating accessible primitives for developers we can unlock rapid and compounding innovation, helping unleash unstoppable momentum for a decentralized and open web.
  4. We are a company in service of a community in service of a movement. Our impact will not come from one splash; it will come from deep resonance and wide ripples. There's a massive current of energy aligned with our goals. We aim to channel it, not control it.
  5. We make constant, practical, product-minded progress. To reach our ultimate vision we must remain humble; we must see progress, get feedback, and iterate with our community and partners towards our goals. We have strong vision, weakly held.