Manifesto of the Academy of Sage Heroes

We are a society dedicated to the cultivation of moral excellence, the development of skill diversity, and the traditioning of honorable culture through intentional community.

We choose to grow together through challenges.

We respond to personal and societal collapse not with fear, retreat, or capitulation, but with love, creativity, and action for the glory of God and the salvation of mankind.

We honor those who challenge themselves and others to grow, who live with presence, intention, and integrity, and who seek to glorify God by pursuing what is good, true, and beautiful.

We are a culture catalyzing Doing in service of Becoming sage heroes of God.

What is a hero?

A hero is someone within a community who embodies the values of that community, acting as an exemplar for others within the community to emulate. By holding a hero in honor, the community's core values are strengthened to have more impact on synchronizing the behavior of all the members.

What is a sage?

Sagehood is the maturity we only access by choice. We grow from infancy to childhood by accident, stumbling into it. We are then forced from childhood to adulthood by necessity, and then tend to stall there without external pressures pushing us to grow further. Sagehood is the maturity we enter into by pushing past our comfort zones and choosing the harder but better path.

These are our values. This is what we honor.


We hold those in honor who engage with the culture outside the Church by means of the act of creation. Culture is the traditioning of values from one generation of a community to the next by means of story, art, and ritual. We respond to societal and personal chaos and collapse not with fear, retreat, or capitulation but with love, creation, and action. We are activists, not reactionaries. We are not armchair critics of culture, we are proactive creators of culture for the flourishing of the good, the true, and the beautiful for the glory of God and the salvation of man.


We hold those in honor who opt into the values of our community by incorporating them into their regular behavior patterns and actions.

We hold those in honor who accept correction when they fail to live out the values of our community.

By opting in, you become a hero. Everyone in the community of the Academy is a hero. Some within the community are doubly heroes, for they have proven to live as heroes among heroes, and we hold them in double honor.

By failing to live up to the honor expected of sage herohood and choosing to not correct that failure you opt out of honor, herohood, and the community of the Academy.


We hold those in honor who devote themselves to our community with vulnerability and defend each other in their vulnerability. Everything we do, we do together. The quality of the community of the Academy is our own quality. We adopt each other. Community is the catalyst that drives lasting transformation.