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Magical AI Assistant currently allows you to:

  1. Generate meeting agendas from event title, context, and duration
  2. Suggest smart time slots to meet based on your preference input.
  3. More to come!

How does it work?

AI Meeting agenda

  1. You can start by filling in the title, setting the duration, or adding a bit of context.
  2. Click on the ✨ button inside the context text box.
  3. Magical will take all parameters and outline a meeting agenda to share with guests.

<aside> ⏳ To celebrate our launch, every user will get up to 10 free credits to try out Magical AI. We will be rolling out unlimited paid plans later in the month.


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Smart time slots

  1. First, go to the Settings tab and train your AI Time Assistant.

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Possible inputs:

  1. Click on the ✨ button to generate smart time slots. You can always add manual time slots in addition.

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