Many of you asked how you could help; there are many official donation websites, but after some thought, Roman and I decided to help those we know who are in immediate need.

If you want to join our efforts and help our friends, relatives, and employees, here is a link to ways you can donate. These are all Tim’s or Roman’s dedicated for donations personal accounts. If you do not feel comfortable, please do not send money using this link to us directly, instead you can join the main general funds and links we’ve specified above. This is to support our friends, family, and coworkers who need help on the ground. Every dollar will go directly to people in need.

As you all know, there was an attack on the people of Ukraine, the place we were we were born and I’ve been working from for the past several years. Many of our close friends, coworker, and family members are fighting for their lives as their whole world has been ripped from them. They were forced to flee from their homes as the sounds of alarms blared, grabbing some essentials and a suitcase. Some drove 20 long hours to neighboring countries. Some escaped to “safer” villages. Although, most women, men, and children all over Ukraine have been spending the darkest nights of their lives hiding in bomb shelters.

The people of Ukraine are fiercely proud of their heritage. They fought for their county and transformed it into a place they are proud of and love fearlessly. We have watched it develop in front of our eyes in only a matter of years. It’s vibrant, bold, and resilient.

Our friends and relatives throughout Ukraine will need to purchase food, lodging, and supplies. Many lost their jobs homes, and everyone’s future hangs in the air. Unfortunately, gofundme campaigns and other fundraising platforms are being taken down immediately, so we decided to help them in these hardships directly.

We hope this war ends soon.

For those in Ukraine. Stay strong. We care about you. We’re praying for peace. We’re sending you love!

Funding Accounts

PS if you or anyone you know needs help please reach out to us directly.