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🏆 Do you want to study at a prestigious music school or win an orchestra job?

You have the opportunity to study with great teachers. Now you can have lessons with teachers from Germany and the United States without going abroad. Here are the teachers who can blossom your musical potential.

🥇 Online Video Lessons for Classical Music!


MORE CLASSIC offers 1:1 live video lessons to those who want to study with the teachers from Europe and America's prestigious music schools, and members from world's renowned orchestras. MORE CLASSIC is now opening the era of international online music lessons!

✨What is 'MORE CLASSIC'?✨


<aside> 📌 International online music lesson service that provides 1:1 real-time video lessons with professors at prestigious music universities in Europe and the United States, world-class orchestra members and soloists.


For Whom? Who can take lessons?

<aside> 🙋🏻‍♀️ 1. Those who want to receive the highest level of classical music education from world-famous teachers. 2. Those who can't find a right teacher in the local area. 3. Those who want to save time and energy on commuting to lessons. 4. Those who can't go abroad right now. 5. Those who want to find a new breakthrough to improve skills. 6. Those who want to resume music lessons, but can't find a teacher.




<aside> 🤓 1. You have the potential to grow into a competent musician. 2. At home where your family is, you can connect with the teachers who can improve your skills. 3. 'The teachers at MORE CLASSIC are the ones who have reached the musical goal that you dream of.
It's possible to achieve your dream if you are imparted their experiences, musical ideas, and practice methods. 4. By taking online lessons, you can save time and energy on commuting to lessons. And you can use the time for something more productive!


Unbelievable! the continuation rate (student satisfaction) is 94%.

<aside> 🙋‍♀️ There may be people who have never used More Classic, but they always returned once they used our service! Many students question if online lessons are reliable, but once they take our class, they say, 'It's a different level of music lessons from the ones I've ever taken so far.'