CCIE is one of the top levels of IT certification offered by Cisco Systems. IT professionals who manage large networks, and who are experts in the use of Cisco products, can achieve this prestigious diploma by passing a lengthy exam. To date, there are 6 distinct tracks within CCIE. They are : Enterprise Infrastructure, Security, Service Provider, Data Center, Collaboration and Wirless. If you wish to obtain Cisco certification at the expert level, here's a story to become a CCIE.

After 8 months of intense study, CCIE Lab training and personal sacrifice, Daniel García Rendón, a graduate of the Universidad del Valle de México, achieved his Cisco Certified Internetwork certificate in South Korea Expert (CCIE), which is a widely recognized program in the world market.

Cisco introduced the CCIE certification in 1993 to help the industry distinguish the top echelon of networking experts around the world. Today, individuals with a CCIE certification are recognized for their special skills in network engineering and mastery of Cisco products and solutions.

Daniel García Rendón studied for a degree in Information Technology Administration at the Lomas Verdes Campus. Later, Daniel completed a Master's Degree in Systems Engineering at UVM's San Rafael Campus. With these academic tools, the graduate decided to travel to South Korea to take his CCIE certification exam.

“The exam can be done in some countries only, but South Korea seemed like the best option for me. I was in that country for nine days preparing. Achieving this recognition was very important for me, because it is the most recognized worldwide certification, as it is issued by the largest company in the field, "he said.

CCIE recipients are employed in the most technically challenging networking tasks due to their established reputation for skill and ingenuity. According to statistics, less than 1% of network professionals have the CCIE certification.

Currently Daniel García Rendón works at Cisco Systems, Inc. in the position of High-Touch Technical Services Customer Support Engineer (HTTS CSE).

Some of its functions are to provide technical support and troubleshooting for Cisco's main customers, the largest service providers in Latin America, and for its HTTS allies in the region.