<aside> 💡 2021-01-18, Sigil Wen


My first post in my Journey to Financial Freedom

Throughout high school I rarely worked for the sake of earning money. If monetary gain was tied with a project, that would be a bonus I could reinvest into softwares, domains, hosting, film equipment or food.

However the value was always less in the money itself and more in how such a project could benefit me long term - increasing abilities, learning new skills, acquiring specific knowledge.

I always thought that earning now cuts earnings in the future as there is an opportunity cost and law of diminishing returns applies.

However, recently I've challenged that assumption through learning to invest in crypto and the stock market and becoming a young adult.

Today I got an email from Paypal:


I once again depleted my checkings account. Yet I asked myself why was this.

Why could I not afford to pay $6.66?

Over the past few months, I've been focusing on working on my University Applications, grinding essay after essay, while also investing $1000 of savings into stocks and cryptocurrencies.

Although my portfolio grew, at the same time my money shrunk.


My checkings account on Jan 12th, 2020:



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stocks - Wealthsimple $10

cryptocurrencies - Shakepay $30

So what happened...?