Monthly updates

Community research updates #1: a new understanding of community

Community research updates #2: NYC coliving would look very different than SF

Coliving culture

🗺 A mindmap of my ideas and beliefs

New coliving residents must learn Ownership Mentality in order for the group to thrive

☠️ Urban coliving houses are alarmingly short-lived

Participation at the Archive, and how to support disengaged housemates

I tried scripting Tinder to recruit housemates

Questions to ask other communities

Interview with Andrea Martinez from the Embassy house in SF

😤 Suffertember was a great Archive tradition

🐣 Giving a group a name has an odd power to it

How to ask a resident to leave

Wisdom and meaning-making

What's a good definition of wisdom?

💒 I used to like the idea of a "secular church", but now I realize that what I really want is a community of practice for wisdom