As we all know, markets take their own tuition fee from every new investor. So any new investor bears losses first, then achieves a breakeven, before finally becoming profitable. However, most of the new investors get out of the market in the initial phase of losses, carrying away the notion that markets are a ‘gamble’ and one should remain as far away from them as possible - a completely inaccurate deduction.

We, at Moneyplication, totally understand this and want our community members to not fall into this trap. We have an already-evolved strategy on how to operate in markets and want you to follow that so that you totally skip the phase of losses and become profitable right away.

If there’s a fit we find with you operating in markets while we assess you [in the Intro call], we also provide this readymade strategy to you in the same call, which you could use to get started.

So you might have realized now that why our Intro Call is mandatory for each new member. You thinking about acting on some given investing ideas becomes too risky if you don’t know how to operate in the markets. And you losing money is quite contrary to our goal of making you Financially Free.

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