Prophecies are terrible things. Many of them are best left unsaid. The implication that the timing of two events are causally note: causally is different from casually related can destroy. But if both timings are the Blessing of השם then their timings are immutably linked

But about it working different.

We were going to discuss the events of March 2019.

Unfortunately, there are no published sources on the topic. Furthermore, none of our personal contacts have been willing to divulge information on the topic.

So anyhow. About the events of March 2019. We are concerned that a magical spell to institute a [Shmita] year was cast. You may have experienced this as COVID.

This theory has several flaws:

  1. As the liberal establishment will gladly tell you, magic doesn't exist.
  2. Nobody really observes the Shmita anymore, despite it being in the Bible.

We note the difference between a Shmita year and a Jubilee year.