I am super excited to announce a major milestone in ReFi DAO’s evolution as an organization: both Daryl Edwards and I are stepping down from leadership to pave the way for the next generation of leaders at ReFi DAO.

After nearly two years of service, we will be shifting into an advisory capacity, while inviting Monty Merlin and Anna Kaic to step up into leadership to steward this next season of growth. We also want to use this opportunity to call forward leaders in ReFi who feel called to steward this movement towards its full potential!

With a solid brand, vibrant online community and a network of local communities in place, we are in an amazing position to continue this path of progressive decentralization while honoring local sovereignty and laying the foundations of a global movement for the next cycle.

What we’re up to…

After nearly 16 years of building startups I am going to take a break to regenerate myself, spend time in nature and make space for my next contribution in the growing regenerative movement. Daryl is going to focus on providing executive coaching and advisory services to various web3 and climate tech startups.

Monty and Anna are an incredible duo to lead ReFi DAO into the future. They have the conviction, consistency, heart, openness, and drive that is exactly what ReFi DAO needs going forward.

— Daryl Edwards

ReFi DAO’s origin story

Before handing over the baton for Monty and Anna to share their plan for co-creating a new vision for ReFi DAO with our community, I wanted to quickly recap my personal journey founding this organization with the hopes of honoring all the amazing people and organizations that made this journey possible!

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ReFi DAO: The Cultural Epicenter of ReFi

Thanks to the support of this amazing community across Gitcoin, Celo Foundation and Climate Collective—we’ve been able to lay the foundations of the cultural epicenter for the ReFi movement, both in-person and online. Our hope is that these building blocks can be leveraged through each cycle to deepen the capacity of this network to make publicly-verifiable impact in the physical world—leveraging the most powerful tools of our time…

Emerging in response to the influx of talent inspired by the Toucan x Klima launch in 2021, ReFi DAO was initially an online startup community of early-stage founders. Our vision expanded significantly in late 2022 as we saw the power of combining our online community with ReFi Spring and their network of in-person events.

Today, we're proud to support a global network of founders, investors, and community builders who are using the power of decentralized technologies to solve the most pressing challenges of our time.

Impact in numbers: