Welcome to the edge of the rabbit hole, Alice.

Fair warning, this world is deep and WIDE. Our hope with this board is to offer you a doorway into understanding the recent tidal wave of cultural energy that has accumulated behind NFT's.

Over the course of this board we are going to provide resources around:


IMPORTANT NOTE: We are co-journeyers on this accelerated journey into the future and by no means are we experts. We wrote this primarily as a clarification of our own thoughts. It is a resource to organize our own learning that we wanted to share. If there is something that we have misstated, misrepresented or that is just objectively wrong, please comment and let us know. Additionally, if there are resources that you have found incredibly valuable to your journey, please include them in the comments as well.

Let's Go!



Blockchain: Any attempt to understand NFT's must begin with Blockchain.