<aside> <img src="/icons/connecting-flight_gray.svg" alt="/icons/connecting-flight_gray.svg" width="40px" /> My most recent role focused on transforming internal operations to facilitate better connectivity and more effective collaboration between disparate business units.


As The Recycling Partnership's first Dir. of Org Effectiveness, I …

Prior to my work at The Recycling Partnership, I …

Spent over five years embedding within more than a dozen teams to help define, design, and deliver new and better experiences. Working with so many organizations provided extensive insight and experience helping people work together more effectively to make better decisions, accelerate progress, and improve outcomes. While the context and content always differed, the outcomes were the same: clarity as individuals, alignment as teams, and progress as organizations.

Through all this work, I’ve found that helping people see things differently and develop deep understandings of the context and ecosystems they’re working within produces better thinking, more actionable insights, and meaningful progress towards what matters most.

It’s this energy, expertise, and experience I’d like to offer as you work to create a better future.

<aside> <img src="/icons/stars_orange.svg" alt="/icons/stars_orange.svg" width="40px" /> I can help your teams perform at their best so we accelerate our pace towards achieving the most important mission of our lifetimes: reversing the environmental damage caused by centuries of civilization growth.


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