Superhuman is, quite simply, the best email service I have ever used. And I’ve used a lot…

Ask anyone who knows anything about email and the first thing they’ll tell you is that Superhuman is insanely expensive. And that there’s an insanely long waiting list to get onboard. Which is all a bit insane.

Superhuman charges $30 a month for email.

And it’s just an app. A pretty skin for GMail no less.

Why would anyone pay THAT much for an email app, when there are perfectly good options available for nothing? The GMail app is great, after all. Apps like Spark and Edison are impressive. And Outlook is superb.

So why am I so enamoured with Superhuman?

Joining Superhuman – not as easy as just clicking!

I first heard about Superhuman in the summer of 2019. I read about Superhuman and I was intrigued. Could an email service really be that good? I figured I’d sign up, try it for a month or two, and find out.

It transpires that it’s not that easy to sign up for Superhuman!

I first had to join a waiting list, which supposedly had 200,000 or something. Fine. I signed up and settled in for a wait.

Surprisingly quickly, I received an email inviting me to complete a survey. I filled in the survey and waited. Again, the wait was short. I soon received a message from Sahar at Superhuman inviting me to a 30 minute consultation “as the final step” to joining Superhuman.

Wait, what?! This is absurd! I ignored the email. I didn’t want to join a cult, I just wanted to try out an email service!

Sahar was nothing but persistent. Five days later I received another email from her saying “I noticed your consultation isn’t yet reserved” and urging me to reserve my time.

Nah, not joining. $30 a month is an absurd amount of money to spend on email.

Four days later I got another email from Sahar, telling me “we just have a few slots left for the week and I know you’ve been waiting :)”

Fine, you win. I filled out the form, booked my slot and handed over my credit card details.

Zoom (what on earth is Zoom?)

Next I received an invitation to a consultation with Siyarin on something called Zoom. (How strange to think of a time when not only was I not spending hours of every day on Zoom, but actually had never heard of it before!)

So on 8th August I loaded up Zoom and had a 30 minute consultation with Siyarin. I attempted to be cold, unimpressed and indifferent, but WOW! Siyarin was so warm and friendly. She was so helpful. She was so full of wisdom about better email management. And Superhuman was just so darn impressive!

I was an instant convert.