The so-called paper tablet.

I try to keep organised but have struggled to find the best method for doing so.

The ReMarkable might be the solution.

Small, slim and light weight with long battery life, it’s like a notepad that I can carry with me all the time. What’s more it syncs with my phone, my iPad and my MacBook so I always have my planner with me.

Best of all though, it is an absolute DREAM to write on. In fact I recently decided I have too many gadgets and toyed with getting rid of my ReMarkable. I switched to writing on my iPad Pro which is perfectly adequate. After a few days I picked up my ReMarkable to play with and the writing experience is just so much better.

I think I’ll stick with the ReMarkable!

I don’t have referral codes for ReMarkable, but if you fancy getting one and would like a discount, money off codes are often floating around here on Reddit.