Big Mail is an interesting proposition; an email app for iOS and MacOS that “brings a fresh new look to your inbox, as well as an entirely new way of working with it.” Always a sucker for a new email app, I kept a close on their impending launch back in early 2021. British developer, Phillip Caudell, experienced a few issues with Apple’s App Store which delayed the launch a little. This only led to the anticipation of many potential users, desperate to try out Big Mail. I was one of them, and signed up as soon as I could.

The experience was not all plain sailing. A number of issues with the app, including a rogue blank dialogue pop up, plus sync problems, marred the experience somewhat. It was clear to me that Big Mail has great potential, but what was launched in May 2021 felt like a fairly rough beta. I stuck it out for a couple of months, and all credit to Caudell, updates came quick and fast. They were not enough to tempt me away from Superhuman, however, the email app which I struggle to tear myself away from.

In November, however, I decided to give Big Mail another go.

Here are a few thoughts on things I like, and things I don’t like about Big Mail:

Things I like about Big Mail:

Things I’m not so keen on: