by Alice Cai, Yuran Ding, Taery Kim

Working with the latest 'AIGA Design Census' data to create an interactive communication system.

Course Instructor: Kyuha ('Q') Shim

Project Duration: 7 weeks

Tools: HTML/CSS/JS, Barba.js, Figma, After Effects, Photoshop, Tableau

Where are you going in your journey? What will provide you with the most satisfaction and happiness in your career? What are your long-term goals and mission as a designer? How does your role align with what you value in your life?

A Day in My life is an interactive web experience that asks our users to reflect on their desires in their future design careers. It presents a series of illustrations that form a story of a day in the imagined life of a designer, and prompts the users to make a selection between two metaphoric representations based on their values. You can view our live site here.

AIGA Design Census 2019 Data

Within the design prompt to work with the 2019 AIGA Design Census data, we first studied the 4000 responses to find topics of interest. Our initial explorations yielded a list of few topics that were deducted from the wording of questions and types of answers. We found a common interest in exploring the correlations between designers' satisfactions and their values, and focused on the questions about priorities, salary, satisfaction, opportunities, challenges and growth. A critical aspect of defining our main focus was understanding what values meant, particularly in its correlation with these other aspects.

Looking more closely into the "design challenges" and "satisfaction" columns.

There are personal values and priorities that an individual holds for him- or herself, and external values that affect the individual from within the environment they are in. We wanted to compare these values to satisfaction (career) and happiness (emotion), while also looking more widely at the changes in the industry and in the role of designers. In our research, we asked the following:

How are designers' values related to their satisfaction? How are industry trends related to designers' satisfaction? How have industry trends and issues changed over time?