Little Help Book is a COVID Recovery resource discovery app. We are working with White Bird and local agencies to make it easier for at-risk populations to find the resources they need.

See the Democracy Lab listing for more info. You can invite others using this link.

There is a Slack channel for this project you can use to communicate with project members.

We also hang out at The Progress Bar and Grill (a discord server) from time to time.

This is an Open Eugene project and part of the Code for America network. If you would like to support this project you can become a Backer or a Sponsor at Open Collective.

The primary ways to contribute are:

Little Help Book 2020.pdf

A mention from the Mayor of Eugene! "... White Bird is collating a resource book for people to have a one-stop-shop place for all information they need; and Code for America has created 'Open Eugene' which will host those resources online."

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