By Jonas Sota


Athena is a chrome extension for highlighting text and taking notes on web pages and PDFs in the browser. Highlights and notes are automatically organized into one place, accessible through a web app.


User interviews surfaced that many users wanted to use their highlights and notes in other apps, especially in Evernote and Google Docs.

How can we support the user in getting their highlights and notes to the right place in another app?

Design Goals and Constraints

Explored Solutions

  1. API Integrations with Evernote and Google Docs

After a user integrates his/her external app account with Athena, it would be possible to deposit all of the users highlights and notes into a document / page specifically for Athena highlights and notes. In order to get a specific highlight or note into the right document in the 3rd party app, users would need to copy text from the "Athena page", find the page where they want to paste the highlight or note, and then find the location in the target page where they want to paste the highlight or note into.

Problems w/ solution #1