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This WeLearn event featured not one, but TWO incredibly dynamic individuals who are making strides in the realms of social impact and creative media: Alexa Gantous and Ochuko Akpovbovbo. This resource guide will help boost your overall understanding of the world of environmental sustainability and creative media. We take you through everything — starting from relevant key terminology that will enhance your technical language to dissecting the current industry trends.

If that's not enough for you, don't worry. We've compiled a selection of useful YouTube videos, articles, and podcasts that are guaranteed to satisfy your curiosity. Finally, we want to serve as a stepping stone to your greater entrepreneurial endeavors, so take advantage of the related opportunities listed at the end to find an enriching internship/co-op.

What are you waiting for? Get reading.


Table of Contents

Alexa Gantous

Ochuko Akpovbovbo

- Environmental Sustainability + Social Impact -

Lightning Round

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