<aside> 💡 The first time you say a query, Siri will ask you to access your SnipNotes data. Please confirm this on your iPhone or iPad with "Yes". Afterwards, the access also works on your Apple Watch.


You can use Siri on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to create new notes, append text to existing notes and search for notes. Open Siri by long-pressing on the home button and try one of the following examples:

Create new notes

“Create a note in SnipNotes saying buy milk and cheese”

“Create a note called shopping list in SnipNotes saying tomatoes and cucumbers”

“Create a note in SnipNotes saying buy milk and cheese in shopping category”

<aside> 💡 Appending text to existing notes was removed by Apple with iOS 15 and is therefore unfortunately no longer possible.


Append text to existing notes

“Append milk to my note called shopping list in SnipNotes”

Search for notes

“Show me all my notes in SnipNotes”

“Show me notes I created last week in SnipNotes”

“Show me notes in SnipNotes that contain the word buy”

<aside> 💡 Important: You must include “in SnipNotes” in your requests. Otherwise, Siri talks to Apple Notes instead of SnipNotes.