Autoreach is a high volume power dialer for sales teams. Rather than cold calling a random list of customers, Autoreach uses AI to create predictive dialing modes and connect with more qualified customers.

Rich Rines, Founder and CEO reach out to run a short engagement focusing on one crucial aspect of the product: the "OmniDialer". After a successful and quick iteration cycle, we moved forward with redesigning the entire platform from the ground up focusing on user centered power features and branching out from there.

Here is the process I employed to craft two main features: the "OmniDialer" and "SMS Broadcasting" during our 3 month engagement:

Table of Contents

1 – Project Planning

Crucial steps to take before pushing any pixels. This is a detailed view of how I establish a client engagement and prepare to deliver design.

Good Design is Managed Design

I obsess over client design management. I started using Notion 2.5 years ago while working at Funsize and I utilized it on every project and team. I even use it with my wife to manage our own house projects! While working at an agency, personal design management is plain good practice so there is never uncertainty (and if there is at least it's tracked). While consulting, it's a life saver. There will never be a question of project priority, status, and timeline.