The AhoyConnect inSided integration naturally ingests benefactors, occasions, and events you make admittance to. We'll make a profile for each benefactor, a global and individual course of events for movements of every kind, and produce a programmed report.

Connecting AhoyConnect to inSided

On your AhoyConnect integrations page, simply click +Connect Integration and choose the inSided integration.

How to find the Authorization information in your inSided console

Select a label that will make you remind of the purpose of this integration.

☝🏼 Make sure you copy and store your Client ID and Client Secret - they will disappear as soon as you leave this page.

Take care to keep your client credentials secure.

Publicly exposing your credentials can result in your account being compromised, which could lead to unexpected/malicious behavior in your community.

Click Connect

Data mapping

Custom Member Fields are used for mapping inSided profile fields to Ahoy fields. It's used the same way as in other integrations.

Currently, there are the following options on how to correctly create a mapping between InSided and Ahoy.