The built-in content on the submission pages works great and you do not need to make any changes if you are happy with the out of the box experience.

If you want to provide an experience that more closely matches your brand tone and style, or if you just writing website copy, you can write your own content for the submission pages, including adding custom HTML to change basic styles like text color or to add custom links.

To get started, head to Page Settings for the page you want to update.

From there, look for section titled Submission page layout and click the Review submission screens link

The submission page editor

The submission page editor allows you to change content for each of the three pages in the submission workflow, the Welcome page, the Review page, and the Thanks page. You can move between the pages using the tabs at the top of the editor:

On each page, you can change header and body text however you like. As you type in the boxes on the left, the corresponding field in the preview area will be updated to reflect your changes, so that you can preview your changes in real time.

When you're finished making changes to a page, click Save Changes.

Resetting changes

If you made changes that you aren't happy with and want to reset the page to the built-in text provided by Vestimonials, just click the Restore defaults link at the bottom of the page. This will remove any changes you've previously made to the page.

Advanced usage: Customizing HTML content

If you just want to update the text on the page, you can write text in the boxes on the left and we'll keep the built-in text colors and styles. If you prefer, you can write your own custom HTML to add links and change text colors and styles to match your branding. To use custom HTML, just write your HTML directly in the text box along with your text. As you add your HTML, the live preview will update as you type so you can ensure your HTML is valid and displays correctly.

For security, certain tags and attributes are disallowed.