To measure the success of your app and brainstorm improvements, you can start by using the insights available within Aiden:

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Want to see the effect of your guided selling app on your website's conversation rates, navigation behavior, and more?

Check out how to Start measuring & gathering data for our app.


1. Analyze usage

The most important thing you'll want to know is how many customers are using your app — and how they're funnelling through it.

  1. Navigate to Analytics.

  2. On the Usage tab you can view these key usage metrics for any given time period (along with some fancy graphs for the visually oriented!):

  3. Use these insights to determine whether your app's performance can be improved.

    Together, these metrics show you exactly how customers funnel through your app:

    1. They start the app and click through the Q&A → Sessions
    2. They reach the advice page and look at the advised products → Advice views
    3. They decide to view one or more products in your webshop → Click-through

    Is the number of Advice views much lower than the number of Sessions? This may indicate that the app itself is relevant to your customers, but your Conversation needs some improvement.

    In which case — keep reading! ⬇️

2. Analyze the conversation

Next to the key usage insights mentioned above, you can also see the behavior of customers in the app.

  1. Navigate to Analytics.
  2. On the Conversation tab you can view these behavior metrics for any given time period:

Below, we'll discuss what this data can tell you about your app and customers.

2.1. Distribution of answers per question