The majority of the content that's being shared on Wevolver is what we can call "evergreen content".

This means that it's still relevant for readers over a long period of time. Therefore, we need to make sure that there are enough ways for our audience to find the content long after it's been published.

Next to that, we also want to make sure that the right content reaches the right people. To reach these goals, we've created some great tools.

Once you've published your content on Wevolver the following happens:

1: Content is visible on the Wevolver homepage

Customer content is automatically featured on our homepage for 24 hours, ensuring a broad audience of engineers see your work.

2: Content is visible in relevant categories that you added in your content settings

People who follow tags get new content in their email digest

3: Content is added to your company & writer profile to which the articles links

People who follow these profiles get new content in their email digest

4: Content is added to search