Sifer Wars Card Pack


The Galactic Empire is in decline. Emperor Sifereous' reign draws to an end. Civilization is in flux, and the destiny of humanity feels strangely.. consistent. 😼

<aside> 🎴 Neon fixtures on densely arranged skyscrapers cast multi-colored light across the city. But Sifer City was more than a high tech metropolis. Given its centrality, when the Virus initially surfaced it was Sifer City that saw the most panic. Networks public and private were taken down. Data sharing was prohibited in public. None of these measures stopped V-Zero - the artificially intelligent digital virus - from penetrating and corrupting everything it touched, man and machine alike.

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ℹ️ RandomBox Stage Info

You will be minting a card pack that contains multiple cards inside - Deluxe Pack contains 5 cards and Standard Pack contains 3 cards inside. You can open the pack at OnePlanet right after the mint 💫

Deluxe Pack: L-3 PRE SALE (5 cards)


Time Feb 9 11 pm(UTC) - Feb 9 11:30 pm(UTC)
Unit Price 49 MATIC
# of Cards NFT 5
Volume 1,259 (Not-for-sale: 47)
Participant Whitelisted community members
Mint Cap 5 per wallet

Standard Pack: L-2 PRE SALE (3 cards)


Time Feb 9 11:30 pm(UTC) - Feb 10 00:00 am(UTC)
Unit Price 29 MATIC
# of Cards NFT 3
Volume 1,259 (Not-for-sale: 47)
Participant Whitelisted community members
Mint Cap 5 per wallet

Standard Pack & Deluxe Pack Public Sale

Time Feb 10 00:00am(UTC) - Mar 10 00:00am(UTC)
Unit Price Standard Pack - 29 MATIC
Volume Remainings from Pre-sale
Participant Public Sale for anyone, FCFS
Mint Cap None

🧭 RandomBox Mint Guide

<aside> 💡 Before the Mint:

***** If you are minting on mobile, we strongly recommend you to use MetaMask in app browser when using the launchpad. (Especially if you are using Android devices.) 👉 How to use the MetaMask Mobile Browser***

***** We highly recommend you to use only one device (mobile or pc) for the mint due to the possibility of having “Internal JSON-RPC Error” on MetaMask***

1. Connect Wallet on OnePlanet

Only MetaMask is available on OnePlanet now.

For further instructions on connecting wallet, check our Guidemap page 👇