Authors: @intlcapitalist & @Bo @Coach Viking Daniel

Status: CLOSED

Voting Link: closed

Closing Summary: A governance framework was established, guild roles defined, Season 01 compensation was finalized and our budget for Season 02 was established.

Table of Contents


In Season 1 the Biz Dev Guild was granted 354,000 BANK for the purpose of supporting guild initiatives. Below we itemize the distribution of this grant, including 92,000 that we wish to roll over to the S02 budget.

Below we itemize our proposed budget to be sent up to the Grants Committee as soon as practical, and no later than 27 September.

In order to properly distribute these funds we need a base from which to build upon. We propose this genesis governance framework (which covers most areas in need of funding within our guild) as a starting point to manage guild funds.


Guilds receive funds from the Grants Committee to create thriving guild operations.

This proposal focuses on the use of guild funds and considers what it takes to create thriving guild operations. This proposal also lays out a framework by which we agree as a guild to make decisions relative to our guild funds.

Guild members will collaboratively direct the Biz Dev Guild Multi-sig, which will follow the decisions made via this governance framework to execute "the will of the guild."

Goals for this Genesis Governance Proposal

In order for this framework to effectively work towards these above mentioned goals this genesis proposal needs to: