<aside> 💡 From Team chat to customer service Channel.io is your all-in-one manager. Experience the flow of your work and chat organization through personal messaging and conversation threads. Our teamchat solution is unlimited and free, no matter the number of members, files, or conversations you start , they are all free of charge. If you are aiming for a transparent and active communication culture, try using Channel.io’s Team Chat.



Why should I use Channel.io team chat?

Exploring Team chat

The basics + Inviting new members

Creating and managing groups

Thread activity

Sidebar view

Current status settings and team communication


Why should I use Team chat?

  1. Your customers are only one message away from your entire team

With channel.io you can keep your team and customers in the same place. The ability to have one platform that combines these two features you can increase efficiency and make your company management easy!


  1. Unlimited Members

You can have as many members on your channel as you want. Talk as much as you want with your team.