<aside> 💡 Notion Tip: At Notion, we use this product management system to track all product and engineering projects, as well as communicate updates to the rest of the company.

It has four basic parts: Teams, Tasks, Projects, and Weekly updates. They’re all linked together, making it easier to keep investing in this system:

Explore the system below, or read more about how we built it!


Teams roster

Clear owners make for organized projects. Make sure your product and engineering teams roster is always up to date with this simple template. You can also connect teams to the different projects from the Projects database.

↓ View the teams roster page here

Teams roster


Use this company-wide tasks database to help engineering teams break up projects into day-to-day work. Create custom views for a particular team, or view just your tasks by priority.

↓ View the tasks page here



If tasks help each engineering team understand what they’re working on, projects are the sum of all those tasks. Use this database to track every project, including info that other teams need like descriptions, status, and launch dates.

↓ View the projects page here


Weekly update

Notion’s Chief Product Officer Madhu Muthukumar updates this template weekly to inform the entire company of new product updates. Use it to build trust and encourage cross-functional collaboration across the org.

↓ View the weekly product update page here

Weekly product update