Any page you build in Notion can be turned into a public page, accessible to anyone on the web. When you make a page public, its sub-pages also become public, creating a fully navigable (and searchable) website with links.

Publish a blog, your resume or portfolio, job listings, photo collections, a landing page... the possibilities are as wide as the web itself. You can also use this feature for quick and easy presentations that are clean and consistent, but still contain rich content 🎨

<aside> 👉 As of July 13, 2021, we've changed how public links appear.

Now the links you share will include the domain name of your choosing, right at the front of the link. This allows you to create a branded, customized experience the moment someone sees the link to your website. Learn more in this blog post →


How people see your public page

<aside> 👉 Note: When you publish a Notion page to the web, your first name, last name, and the email address you use for your Notion account may be included in the webpage's metadata.


When your Notion page is public, anyone on the web can read it and interact with certain components:

Make a page public