Geneva is a free, flexible communication app designed for groups, clubs, and communities of all shapes and sizes.

It's available on iPhone, Android, web browser, and a native desktop app for Mac.


How Geneva works

All of the action on Geneva takes place in private or semi-private spaces we call "homes". You can make a home for any group, club, or community you're part of — your family, your sorority, your podcast listeners, your brand's ambassadors, your support group, a topic you're interested in, etc. — and easily invite people to join you.

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Just like a house IRL, homes are made up of rooms. This helps keep everything organized and lets your group talk about different topics and interact in different ways, all in one place.

There are 5 types of rooms you can use to build out your home: chat rooms, forum rooms, audio rooms, video rooms, and broadcast rooms. You can have as many rooms in your home as you want.

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The person who creates and has ultimate control over a home is called the homeowner and the people inside the home are called members.

Inviting people to your home is as easy as sharing a link. For more on invites, see here.