There are many important things that are needed in a professional community, none more important than the trust and accountability that comes from knowing that you are engaging with real peers. At qlark, we have known this and have taken this principle seriously from the day we were founded.

As a user who registers to be part of our community, we ask for certain details during the registration process. We then have a verification process that is conducted by a dedicated team to ensure that the information provided by the users is indeed correct. Only once verified by our team is the user then given access to the various areas of qlark that are relevant to them. Until then, every user is considered a non-verified user in our community and has limited access to our platform, content and engagement. We certainly ask for a profile picture, as putting a face to a name is really key to build the connections between the real and virtual world.

The process of verification can be simple where all the information provided from the user is easily verifiable, while at other times we will be in touch with the user to get the correct information and documentation from them to move the process ahead. Typically for users in North America, the process takes no longer than 2 business days, while for other parts of the world it can take anywhere up to 5 business days.

We thank users and members for enabling us to host such a great community with the right amount of checks and balances to foster meaningful engagement and professionalism throughout our platform. For more information or any further questions please contact