◾ What do the team love about working at accuRx?

◾ Why would I want to work here over somewhere else?

What makes accuRx a great place to work?

All questions you might ask yourself when considering applying for a job with us!

We asked recent & current candidates what stood out to them about accuRx.

We asked the existing team why they love working here.

We collected anonymous data from Peakon (our employee engagement platform).

We collected the insights into 3 prominent themes ...

Enjoy your work.

Here at accuRx your colleagues are truly your friends. We are highly collaborative, supportive and encourage opinions and ideas from everyone.

We place a lot of emphasis on being a values fit and culture add in our recruitment process and progression frameworks, this is one of the ways we are able to maintain such a positive environment as we grow.

We want to nurture an environment where on Sunday evening, people are excited about the week ahead, because of the work they do and the people they work with.

Make healthcare better.

Our collective passion and support for the NHS is undeniable. We are incredibly grateful for everything they do to make our lives and our families lives better!

In return we build products that positively impact the lives of millions.