<aside> ⛑️ Below you will find our workshop and house rules, as well as important information for people in need of protection. The most important topics are summarized in advance.


Version: 12.08.2021

House Rules

  1. Access to the FabLab is restricted to members. In order to become a member you need to register. Please find more information in the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Follow the COVID19-Measures.
  3. Locking authorizations (access key token) are only handed to members. They are issued to one person and may not be transferred to other persons.
  4. Before using the lab, every member needs to join a safety tour with our FabLab Admin Max Walter.
  5. As a member you may store things in the lockers in the FabLab. You have to bring your own lock. Each member may only use one locker.
  6. Unmarked things lying around will be disposed of or used as a donation.
  7. The last person leaving the room is responsible to turn off the lights, close the windows and doors. Forcefully opening doors is prohibited.
  8. In case of bad weather windows may not be opened, unless there is an emergency.
  9. Trash must be disposed appropriately in the dedicated bins.
  10. You may not use bikes, scooters, skateboards or other vehicles in the FabLab.
  11. Smoking is prohibited in the FabLab.
  12. Animals are not allowed in the FabLab.


Safety for members and staff is our number one priority at MakerSpace. Each member agrees to abide by the following safety & conduct rules: