Last updated at: March 2nd 2020

Version: 1.4 (beta)

This documentation describes all necessary steps that are required to use the Keyp identity on-boarding services in your application.

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The KYB process (know your business-partner) enables developers to verify the identity of a new business partner. The process can easily integrated into the existing web application or mobile app. The process is started by the application, which receives the KYB dataset at the end of the process.

A business partner is a company, organization or person that can have a professional relationship with your application. In the first version of the KYB process only companies can be validated. Other business partner types will be added soon.

Keyp using a web-based user interface, e-mail and text messages (SMS) to communicate with the users. The application uses the REST API to fetch the KYB dataset.

KYB Process Flow

The KYB process is similar to the OAuth 2.0 authorization code grant flow specification. But instead of getting an access token at the end, the KYB process will return the KYB dataset.

KYB Dataset

After successfully finishing the KYB process, a dataset with information validated business partner is available. It contains information about the transaction, costs, the user who initiated the process and of cause the validated business partner with the related business partners.

Use the JSON Schema to validate the dataset.